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First Responder bodycams/Paramedics Body cameras

Body worn video technology or body cams are fast becoming uniform for many first responders and paramedics.  The UK have recently introduced body cameras for first responders for personal protection.  Body cameras also offer training opportunities, extra security and all the positive advancement that live video and data streams can provide. Zepcam body cameras are light, rugged and perfect for personnel working in the field, allowing situational awareness for command and control.  Video documentation at a later date allow for historical analysis and review. A body cam makes personnel in the field feel safer and so increases productivity.

The Zepcam T1 Live is a modular system which comprises recording unit, camera, modem and remote control to direct the live streaming. These are Ireland’s complete body camera   solutions recording full HD evidence and robust live video streaming via 3G, 4G AND WI-FI. Zepcam Body cameras are supported by and open software platform that includes vehicle cameras and wireless CCTV. We can ensure that you have eyes in the field, everywhere. Body Cam and Body worn videos improve situational awareness, allow for review and video documentation or industrial inspection. 

 A word about protection.

Check out the following before donning your own body camera.


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