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Fire Pump Appliance Camera Systems

The size and the design of an emergency vehicle, can create numerous blind spots for the operator. Maneuvering is not always easy, especially in emergency situations where the urgency is high and accessibility limited. With a significant number of personnel in operation in and around emergency vehicles, safety is a paramount concern for drivers.

Rear View Systems

A rear view camera from Dialacom allows you to see the area directly behind the vehicle increasing reversing safety and reducing the liklihood of a collision with bay doors.

The monitor in the cab automatically switches to the camera imaging when you engage reverse gear. The camera can also be activated continuously or manually, increasing safety on the fireground.





Combined Front-Rear View Systems

A Rear – Front View Camera system not only improves operational safety when reversing, the forward facing camera displays a clear view of the area directly in front of the vehicle. Personell operating in front of the appliance may not always be clear to driver, particularly during nightime incidents, however the Rear - Front View camera system greatly reduces their risk of injury.

The front view camera displays the driver’s blind spot perfectly enabling the driver to see pedestrians and cyclists before turning.  


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