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Excavator Camera Systems

Opertating an Excavator presents a diverse set of risks to both the driver and personnel operating on the ground. Tool operation, machine positioning and rotation can create a number of hazards in the operational area, however mounting an effective camera system can greatly reduce the risk of injury to personnel. 

Rear View

Mounting a rear view camera on your excavator not only allows the operator to reverse more safely, they are also benefited by an enhanced view of the scene on rotation. 

The monitor in the cab automatically switches to the camera imaging when reverse gear is engaged. The camera can also be activated continuously or manually increasing the operators view from the cab. Orlaco's powerful automotive monitors perform under the most severe conditions and are shock and vibration-proof.



Side View

When a Side View camera is mounted on an excavator the operator benefits from an increased field of vision which would normally be unobtainable.

Visibility to the right hand side of the machine is increased greatly with a side view camera and machine rotation becomes inherently safer. The monitor in the cab can display a continuous picture or programed to switch on automatically.



Tool View

Mounting a Tool View Camera on the arm of an excavator delivers a clear view of the bucket to the operator.

Increased tool precision and safer tool operation are results of tool view camera mounted on an excavator. The Tool View camera can be integrated alongside other cameras such as Rear View and Side View.




Surround 270 – Tool View

This all-inclusive system incorporates a rear view camera, two side view cameras and a tool view camera. The Surround 270 – Tool View not only increases safety when reversing, the operator also benefits from increased visibility when rotating and operating the tool. 

The Orlaco MultiView box displays all camera images on one monitor, providing you with everything you need to see, at a glance. The overall picture layout and the number of camera images displayed can be freely adjusted. In addition, you can program this layout into selectable video channels, which can then be automatically switched on when, for instance, you engage reverse gear or use other commands. These channels can, of course, also be engaged manually or in sequence.

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