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Roller Camera Systems

Asphalt Rollers vary in size and design, presenting the operator with a distinct set of challenges during operation. Workers are often engaged in a range of simultaneous activity on worksites where asphalt rollers are in operation. Broadening the operators range of vision greatly reduces the risk of injury to other personell on the worksite. 

Rear View System

Mounting a rear view camera on your roller not only allows the operator to reverse with greater precision and safety, it allows for increased precision during operation. 

The monitor in the cab automatically switches to the camera imaging when reverse gear is engaged. The camera can also be activated continuously or manually increasing the operators view from the cab.

Orlaco's powerful automotive monitors perform under the most severe conditions and are shock and vibration-proof.


Active Rear View - RadarEye

While a rear view camera on your roller allows you to reverse more safely the Active Rear View system is fitted with reversing sensors. 

The operator is actively warned of imminent danger by means of audio signals and graphic overlays. The highly robust RadarEye sensors are specially designed for heavy machinery and sit in a special holder that can be adjusted in different positions. The scope of the detection zone can be set through the monitor software, so the operator only receives a signal when a stationary or moving object is detected within this zone. You can enhance RadarEye with multiple sensors to detect in further hazardous areas.


Combined Rear & Front View System

All the benefits of the Rear View system, however a forward facing camera is also incorporated.

The vehicle operator benefits from enhanced visibility of the area in front of the roller. As with the Rear View System the monitor automatically engages the rear facing camera once the reverse gear is engaged.

This system can also integrate the Active Rear View system incorporating the RadarEye for increased operational safety.


Active Rear & Front View Systems

Both a rear view and forward motion camera enables the operator to carry out tasks with optimum safety and precision.

RadarEye technology on both forward and rear facing sections alert the operator when a stationary or moving object enters the detection zone. The operator is then alerted by means of audio signals and graphic overlays to take action and avoid a collision


Safety in the Workplace is a hot topic these days. Reduce the risk with an Orlaco Camera System from Dialacom.
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