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Compact Cameras

The Orlaco Compact Camera is a versatile camera that can be used in virtually all vision solutions on any machine and on any vehicle or vessel. The small, extremely sturdy, ball camera is contained in a special, adjustable bracket, which ensures that the camera can easily be mounted in any position.


The FAMOS Compact Camera is the standard compact camera in use with our vision solutions. 

Encased in Industrial housing this small but powerful ball camera boasts an advanced CMOS sensor which provides a better quality image in extreme conditions.

The FAMOS SW Rear View Camera is the same high quality compact camera, however it boasts additional features such as integrated guidelines and a mirror image display making reversing your vehicle easier than ever.



The AMOS IR Camera is a day or night camera that is available in different versions that meet your specific needs.

The AMOS IR boasts next generation Advanced cMOS sensor providing excellent imagery in all conditions. The High Powered Infrared LED’s enable the camera to reach up to 25 meters at night.

The AMOS IR LED Communicator is a sturdy, reliable compact camera that boasts a variety of additional features when integrated with an Orlaco Serial monitor including Fisheye correction, digital zoom function, driving guidelines and marking.



The MILMOS Camera is a sturdy reliable camera that can be integrated with Infrared LED’s and incorporated on any vision solution including Military Vehicles. 

This 100% waterproof camera is both shock and vibration proof and has the ability to detect frozen images with it’s built in safety ticker.





Housed in a Stainless Steel unit this sturdy compact camera can be used in almost any vision solutions including applications in the maritime sector. 

The nitrogen filled camera with a heated lens is 100% waterproof and designed to provide the best quality image in all weather conditions


Versatile & Sturdy, our Compact Camera Systems are an ideal choice.
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