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Aerial Appliance Camera Systems

Operational efficiency and safety can be improved by implementing an Orlaco Camera System from Dialacom. Our Zoom and Thermal imaging cameras with not only improve the safety of operational personnel on the ground, they also give incident commanders a clearer picture of the overall fire ground from the aerial appliance, and so are better equipped to make tactical decisions.

Mast View Camera

Gain a clear view of personnel in the basket even if you are extinguishing over or behind building s or objects with a Wireless Mast View Camera System.


The Hydraulic Platform (H.P.) operator can not only keep a keen eye on personnel in the basket, he is also aided by seeing exactly what those personnel are being exposed to. Orlaco’s powerful automotive monitor performs in the most severe conditions and are both shock and vibration proof.  




Cage View Zoom PT

The Cage View Zoom PT allows operators and incident commanders remotely monitor the situation from the ground. 

Positioning an aerial monitor has never been easier and platform operators can fight fire from a height without committing personnel into the danger area. The robust camera system is waterproof, shock and vibration proof so fire personnel can rely on it in the most adverse conditions




Cage View TIC PT – Thermal Imaging Camera

The Cage View TIC PT boasts a unique Themal Imaging Camera on a pan and tilt mount affording the operator a comprehenisive view of the danger area from the ground. 

Identify casualties and hotspots in hard to reach areas easier with this innovate camera solution. This solution is water, shock and vibration proof and performs admirably under extreme conditions, offering unrivalled reliability. 

Fireground Safety is paramount for Incident Commanders.
Adding an Orlaco Camera System from Dialacom to your Turntable Ladder or Hydraulic Platform can increase firefighter safety. Contact Us today on 057-9361000 to Learn More.

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