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Tractor Unit Camera Systems

Articulated Tractor Units sher size create a number of operational blind spots for the driver. Manoeuvring is not always easy, especially when coupling and uncoupling trailers. With personnel on the ground clear vision is vital to the safety of the coupling procedure.

Front View Systems

The Orlaco front view camera on your truck eliminates blind spots and provides you with optimum visibility of the area just in front of the truck for improved safety, efficiency and comfort. 

The forward facing camera displays the Class VI area perfectly enabling the driver to see cyclists and other pedestrians in time.

Orlaco's powerful, automotive monitors perform under the most severe conditions, are shock and vibration-resistant and are equipped with handy options, such as automatic brightness adjustment. Depending on the vehicle, the monitor can be integrated into the dashboard or surface-mounted.


CornerEye 270º HD

The CornerEye system enables the driver to benefit from optimum 270º view to the front and right side of the truck for improved safety, efficiency and comfort. 

The powerful, automotive HD monitor of this stand-alone system performs under all conditions and is shock and vibration-resistant. Mounting the monitor can be simply done and depending on the vehicle it can be incorporated into the dashboard or mounted on the vehicles A pillar.


Contact our Expert team today on 057-9361000 to learn more about Tractor Unit Camera Systems

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