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Tractor with Trailer Camera Systems

Towing a fully laden trailer presents the driver with a diverse set of risks and hazards. Unsecured, shifting loads can alter the vehicles centre gravity in transit making cornering difficult and dangerous. Having a working camera system incorporated in on the tractor can greatly increase the drivers field of vision, reducing the risk of injury to both the driver and personell on the ground. 

Rear View Systems

Mounting a rear view camera on your trailer unit enables the driver to perform safer reversing manoeuvres with a clear visual behind the trailer. 

The monitor in the cab automatically switches to the camera imaging when reverse gear is engaged. The camera can also be activated continuously or manually increasing the operators view from the cab.

Orlaco's powerful automotive monitors perform under the most severe conditions and are shock and vibration-proof.


Twin Rear View Systems

Mounting a rear view camera on both the tractor and trailer unit increases safety during reversing procedures and enables the driver to have clear view of the load during transit. 

The monitor in the cab can be programmed to display a feed from either camera continuously or be switched on automatically.



Combined Front & Rear View Systems

The operator gains all the benefits of the rear-rear view system allowing for easier and safer manoeuvrability with the added benefit a forward motion camera to monitor a front mounted tool or during forward motion.


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