Digital HD Cameras

Orlaco’s Digital High Definition Cameras are provide optimum imagery for vision solutions on trucks and machines.


The HMOS is a compact, industrial high definition camera that can be used in all vision systems utilising a HD Digicoax cable. 

This shock, vibration and waterproof camera is contained in a special, adjustable bracket that ensures the camera can be mounted in any position. The HMOS comes with various apertures with a vision range between 120 and 180 degrees. 



HMOS CornerEye.

The HMOS CornerEye solution is HMOS DigiCoax camera with a special bracket that allows for seamless mounting on the A post of large vehicles such as trucks. 

The system itself boasts a 180 degree wide angle lens that combines with other technologies to provide a 270 degree field of vision. The CornerEye comes with a range of brackets/solutions for a variety of trucks and machinery. 


Our Digital HD Cameras are an excellent camera solution , Contact our expert team on 057-9361000.

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